Gambling Pit – August 17, 2020

Let’s get right to it. For reference, you can find my series predictions here.

Lightning v. Blue Jackets – 3:00 ET – Lightning lead series 2-1

The Blue Jackets have proven time and time again that they are capable of slowing down the league’s most potent offensive teams. I’ve been foolishly pushing the Lightning puck line, but Flavortown is so effective on the back-end that I’m abandoning that strategy. I still think the Lightning will win the series, but I like the value of a Jackets win here. PICK: Blue Jackets ML (+145)

Avalanche v. Coyotes – 5:30 ET – Avalanche lead series 2-1

Darcy Kuemper is carrying the Yotes on his back. He’s putting up mind boggling numbers. Even if he comes back to earth slightly, the Avalanche are at a HUGE advantage. It has to happen at some point, right? RIGHT?!? PICK: Avs puck line -1.5 (+145)

Bruins v. Hurricanes8:00 ET – Bruins lead series 2-1

I’ve been riding the Canes puck line in this series, but with the loss of Andrei Svechnikov I’m not sure they have enough to compete with a Bruins team that has seemingly woken up since the round robin (even with Pastrnak being ruled out for tonight). Tuuka Rask has chosen to go home to be with his family (a decision that Puck Buddy Dot Blog fully supports, there are more important things than sports), but Jaroslav Halák showed he was up to the task. PICK: Bruins puck line -1.5 (+205)

Blues v. Canucks – 10:30 ET – Canucks lead series 2-1

The game last night was passed my bedtime. I’ll probably pass out on my couch in between the first and second tonight. This is a close series, and I keep on undervaluing Vancouver. PICK: Canucks ML (+115)

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