Gambling Pit – August 13, 2020

The return of the Pit. Once again, Puck Buddy Plus subscribers were given the winning picks for the last two days, going 8-0. If you’re interested in a P.B.P. subscription, e-mail me about pricing details.

Condolences to all the Flyers puck line bettors yesterday. Tough break. Between the Carey Price stick save, the open net tap in miss, and the Shea Weber block on the empty net, I would imagine it was rough.

After the Price save, the Flyers puck line was doomed

TODAY’S PICKS – Click here for series predictions

Blue Jackets v. Lightning – 3:00 ET – Lightning lead series 1-0

After the fourth longest game in NHL history, Flavortown (stolen joke from Twitter) and Tampa are back at it. The Jackets have continuously proven that their defensive structure is effective. I’m not confident in this as last year they showed the couldn’t, but I think for at least one game in this series Tampa’s offense will click. Let’s hope it’s today. PICK: Tampa puck line 1.5 (+155)

Blackhawks v. Golden Knights – 5:30 ET– Knights lead series 1-0

The Knights showed in Game 1 that they’re a more complete team than the Oilers. Although Vegas doesn’t have the superstars that Edmonton does, they are much deeper. The Blackhawks couldn’t capitalize on the Vegas’s bottom 6 like they could in the qualifying series. I think the Hawks will steal a game this series, but I’m not going to bet on it. PICK: Vegas 3-way money line (-125)

Hurricanes v. Bruins – 8:00 ET Bruins lead series 1-0

I predicted the Canes in 7. I would LOVE a long series, but it might be scary if the Bruins found the higher level of play that eluded them in the round robin. I’m pulling for the Canes to even this up. PICK: Canes money line (+120)

Flames v. Stars – 10:30 ET – Flames lead series 1-0

Big day at work tomorrow, so I’m not going to be watching most of this, and I hate gambling on something I’m not watching. PICK First period draw (+160)

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