Round 1 – Series Predictions

Busy week(s) at the day job, so let’s get a few quick series predictions. Maybe I’ll finish the qualifying round recaps. Maybe I won’t. Maybe go fu…


#1 Golden Knights v. #8 Chicago Blackhawks: The Hawks/Oilers qualifying round was destined to be entertaining, as it featured two flawed teams with great offensive talent. The Knights, on the other hand, are incredibly deep in nearly all positions. Could Robin Lehner defeat his former team? Yes. PICK: Knights in 5

#2 Avalanche v. #7 Coyotes

I don’t know what it is about some of these higher-end Western Conference squads, but they just seem like complete teams. The Avs are certainly no exception. I predicted the Coyotes would advance over the Predators, but I don’t seem them going any further. PICK: Avs in 5

#3 Stars v. #6 Flames

I wasn’t too impressed with the Stars during the round robin. Their team defense fell apart a bit. The Flames took advantage of an injury-riddled Jets team that I think they would have beaten even if everyone was at full health. I’m going with an upset in this one. PICK: Flames in 7

#4 Blues v. #5 Canucks

The Blues are another elite team out West that under performed in the round robin. I think they can find another level. I maybe watched 20 minutes of the Canucks series. PICK: Blues in 6


#1 Flyers v. #8 Canadiens: The Flyers looked like a juggernaut in the round robin. The Canadiens went 0-4 against the 2019-2020 Detroit Red Wings. PICK: Flyers in 4

#2 Lightning v. #7 Blue Jackets: A rematch of last year’s first round sweep, can the Blue Jackets continue to be giant slayers? Despite the similar color schemes, the Lightning are no Maple Leafs, and they won’t be looking past the Jackets this time around. It’s a revenge series for Tampa, but the Jackets defensive style will be effective no matter what. PICK: Lightning in 6

#3 Capitals v. #6 Islanders

The Islanders continue to be disrespected. The Capitals looked a little flat early on in the round robin but seemed to have picked up their game a bit. I think the Caps are too deep for the Islanders to handle. PICK: Caps in 5

#4 Bruins v. #5 Hurricanes

This is everyone’s upset special, and for good reason. After a tremendous regular season, the Bruins looked listless in their round robin games. The Canes, on the other hand, made short work of a less-talented Rangers team, but did it in impressive fashion. I have futures on both these teams to win the Cup, so at least I’ll have one team in Round 2. I’ll join the upset bandwagon. PICK: Canes in 7

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