Canadiens v. Penguins – Series Recap

Prediction: Penguins in 3

Result: Canadiens in 4

After a multi-month layoff, no fans in the stands, and a condensed series, anything can happen but I’m still in shock. I didn’t respect the Canadiens. I still don’t respect the Canadiens: they went 0-4 against the 2019-2020 Detroit Red Wings for the love of god. As I mentioned in one of the Gambling Pits, I will continue to bet the Canadiens opponent’s puck line until the Habs are eliminated or win the Cup.

The Penguins defense looked porous and they had some shaky goaltending. Even with all the oddities surrounding this postseason, this is an unacceptable loss for the 7th best team during the regular season. They struggled late in the season and are obviously kicking themselves for not finishing in the top 4 in the East. After the Pens got swept in the first round last year, fans have to be wondering what needs to be done to get Crosby back in contention. Tough to get eliminated on the captain’s birthday.

Happy 33rd, Sid.

Must-see TV: Carey Price (Canadiens #31…the guy with the big pads on his legs standing in front of the net)

Not only is Price considered one of the best goalies of his generation, he also sets himself apart from his teammates by only going 0-3 against the 2019-2020 Detroit Red Wings (Charlie Lindgren played in the other loss).

Looking Ahead

The Canadiens will play the Philadelphia Flyers, a team that steam rolled through the round robin (3-0-0, 11 GF, 3 GA). Get those Flyers puck line bets ready.

When the NHL’s two-phase lottery system was introduced, I said to myself: “great, now a team like the Pittsburgh Penguins has a shot at first overall.” Welp. This is terrifying. Sure, the Penguins could use some help on the blue line, but giving Lafrenière to a team that already has Crosby and Ovechkin and finished 7th overall in a 31 team league just seems counter-intuitive to the purpose of the draft. But I digress, it will probably be the Panthers anyway.

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