Maple Leafs v. Blue Jackets – Game 3 Live Blog

Can Toronto keep its offense clicking? Will John Tortorella’s berating of Pierre-Luc Dubois have a positive or negative effect? Will I cash in on my Leafs puck line bet? Keep it here throughout the game for regular updates, observations, and the answers to these pressing questions.

Dubois (pictured left) gets an earful from coach John Tortorella (right)

Quite the pace to start the game, which you would have to think favors the Leafs. Columbus to the power play though…

Leafs 1, Jackets 0

SHORTYYYYY. The Leafs’ PK counters with speed and gets a clean zone entry. They feed the point and a shot from Cody Ceci deflects off Seth Jones’s shin pad. Tough break for the Jackets, in particular Korpisalo who has looked very strong once again.

Leafs 2, Jackets 0

The Leafs power play shows how dangerous they can be. A great feed from Mitch Marner at the point finds William Nylander to give Toronto some breathing room. Torts can’t be happy.

Leafs 3, Jackets 0

Someone get that puck! Rookie Nicholas Robertson nets his first NHL goal. The 18 year old was in the news at the start of this series when it was announced he would dress in game one, making him the first 18-year-old to make his NHL debut in a postseason game since Jarome Iginla for the Calgary Flames on April 21, 1996. Hall of Fame company right there. No pressure, kid. (Spezza made sure he got the puck from the scorer’s table).

This would lead to a goalie change. Momentum swinger?

And how about this trivia nugget? To think, an NHL player and a U.S. Senator. Quite the resume.

Maple Leafs 3, Blue Jackets 1

The Jackets add a power play goal of their own adding to what has been an eventful few minutes. AND GUESS WHO PUT IT HOME?!? Andrew Neiman himself, Pierre-Luc Dubois. After John Tortorella damn near threw a cymbal at Dubois’s head in game 2, he finds validation here.

Leafs 3, Jackets 2

Things just got interesting. Scientists are saying that the tension emanating from the City of Toronto can be felt at an approximate 450 mile radius. I apologize to you Canadian readers, I’m a dumb lazy American and don’t feel like doing the conversion. SORREY. Seth Jones with a beauty shot to cause a lot of clenching in Ontario.

Leafs 3, Jackets 3

God Bless ya, Torts. DuBois gets another one. What a performance. While some will say Torts also had a well-timed goaltending change that has shifted momentum and possibly the trajectory of this series (and it could be that, or a really bad pinch by a Toronto defenseman). I started to experience a bit of schadenfreude at the expense of Toronto fans only to come to the realization that if the Leafs lose this series, they’ll probably get Lafreniere. I know I have the Leafs’ puck line here, but I wouldn’t mind a little OT.


What an unbelievable story. What a bounce back performance. I’m sure Dubois didn’t appreciate the very public scolding in Game 2. He responds with the hat trick and an over time winner. He exhibited great speed in splitting Toronto’s last line of defense and puts the Leafs on the brink of the first overall pick.

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