Gambling Pit – August 7, 2020

Yesterday’s results: 2-3

First, let’s focus on the positive: the Blues and Knights combined for 10 goals, easily securing the over (5.5, +115). And even though I went to bed and didn’t watch (#DayJobProblems) the Flames shutout the Jets 4-0 for a puck line win (+160).

The Pit started the day 0-2 after a long shot bet on an overtime session in the Wild/Canucks match-up never came to fruition and the Flyers seemed to control the Caps. The Washington puck line was never really in play. When the Maple Leafs opened up a 3-0 lead, I thought the Toronto puck line was as good as cashed. But then Toronto lost that three goal lead, eventually losing the game in overtime. A full recap can be found here. The highlight of the game was Pierre-Luc Dubois scoring a hat trick one game after receiving an extremely public teaching moment from John Tortorella. In yesterday’s Pit, I thought this might have a negative effect. Ooo boy do I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Is losing the bet worth seeing the Toronto fan base collectively lose their minds? Maybe, maybe not. For all the uninitiated, including those of you that don’t follow any Bruins fans on social media, the Leafs have had a rough go of the early postseason rounds in recent history, famously squandering a 3 goal lead against the Bruins in a Game 7 in 2013. For all of you experiencing a bit of schadenfreude this morning, be wary of karma: if the Leafs lose the series don’t be shocked when they win Phase 2 of the draft lottery.

All in all, not a terrible day due to the positive odds on the two wins. Let’s shoot for a winning day today.


All the games today feature a possible elimination for one team. 6 games. LEHHS GOOO.

Islanders v. Panthers – Noon, NBCSNNew York leads series 2-1

I picked the Islanders in 5. I’m standing by that prediction, despite rocking an Anders Lee shirt at work today. PICK: Panthers money line (+105).

A productive morning before a noon start

Predators v. Coyotes – 2:30 ET, NHL Network – Arizona leads series 2-1

I predicted the Coyotes in 5, but I’m avoiding a Nashville bet here. I think they’ve been too inconsistent to rely on. Instead, let’s cheer for offense. PICK: Over 5.5 (+115)

Penguins v. Canadiens – 4:00 ET, NBCSN – Montreal leads series 2-1

Happy birthday Sid the Kid Man Nearly in His Mid-Thirties! Do you honestly think that Crosby is going to allow his team to be eliminated by the Montreal Canadiens, a team that went 0-4 against the 2019-2020 Detroit Red Wings, on his birthday?!? PICK: Penguins puck line -1.5 (+165)

Oilers v. Blackhawks – 6:45 ET, NBCSN – Chicago leads series 2-1

I came into this postseason without any real rooting interests. As the qualifying rounds have progressed, I am getting increasingly interested in the teams facing elimination. With Phase II of the draft lottery on…MONDAY? THIS COMING MONDAY?!…I find myself increasingly concerned that an extremely talented team will win the rights to draft Lafrenière. Can you imagine him with McDavid and Draisaitl? Scary. I don’t want that to happen, plus I predicted this series would go the distance. PICK: Oilers puck line -1.5 (+175)

Maple Leafs v. Blue Jackets – 8:00 ET, NHL Network – Columbus leads series 2-1

My Leafs in 4 bet is officially dead. The Leafs looked pretty good in game 3 up until the goalie change for Columbus. Toronto’s offense seemed to drop off after that, and they made some pretty bone-headed defensive decisions that cost them. I think they’ll adjust this time around. Let’s play 5. PICK: Leafs puck line -1.5 (+170)

Canucks v. Wild – 10:45 ET, NBCSN – Vancouver leads series 2-1

I predicted the Wild in 5, but I have not been impressed at all. Granted, Minnesota’s defensive style isn’t the most intriguing thing to watch, but I’ve lost confidence. I’m probably not even going to watch, which is the best time to bet an under. PICK: Under 5.5 (-135)

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