Jets v. Flames – Game 3 Live Blog

In honor of a pivotal game 3 in what has been a hotly contested series (as well as me getting out of the office at a reasonable hour) let’s bring back a live blog. Keep it here for regular updates on goals and Matthew Tkachuk shenanigans.

Jets 1, Flames 0

As a defenseman who still dumps the puck in during beer league games, I usually need to find stats through breakouts and regroups. Usually I head over to the ref after a score and ask if he saw my beauty stretch pass to make sure I get credit for the helper. No need for Dmitry Kulikov whose beautiful bank stretch pass finds Nik Ehlers’ tape as Ehlers walks the blue line. Ehlers doesn’t miss.

Jets 1, Flames 1

The Flames capitalize on the power play not long after the Ehlers tally. It looked like the Jets had pretty clear possession after a D-zone face-off but failed to clear the zone. The Winnipeg PK then gets a bit too aggressive and the Flames find a streaking Elias Lindholm in the slot for the goal. LOT. OF. ACTION.


It’s all tied up at 1 after 1 and Kelly Hrudey wants you to know that if you’ve been diagnosed with mesothelioma you may be entitled to compensation.

Johnny Hockey makes a strong play to the net and tries to sell the goal (not typically successful when you have video replay). A few minutes later Tucker Poolman tried to block a shot with his face. It’s a scary scene as he leaves a fairly large trail of blood as he makes his way to the dressing room.

It’s generally not a good idea to put your face directly in the shooting lane

Flames 2, Jets 1

The Flames get it in deep and the Jets proceed to completely bumble the breakout. It leads to a turnover and an easy one-timer in the slot. Hellebuyck, scrambling to return to the crease, forgot to turn around. A Lucic “goal”, deflected near the point and which bounced approximately 13 times before finding the back of the net, would get called off for goaltending interference.

Wrong way, Connor.

Flames 3, Jets 1

PUCK DON’T LIE. Not long after the disallowed goal, the Flames capitalize on the power play. A clean face off win, a blocked pass, and a found puck and The Pit’s puck line bet is now in the green.

Flames 3, Jets 2

Milan Lucic, apparently frustrated with the disallowed goal, sticks it to the refs by taking an incredibly dumb penalty. That’ll show ’em. The Jets waste no time getting a nice power play face off win of their own. They work it down low so that Andrew Copp can work some backhand magic. About that puck line bet…

Flames 4, Jets 2

Super pest extraordinaire Matthew Tkachuk gets to the dirty area, no one picks him up, and he does a masterful job of accepting the pass in his skates to get a quick release. Looks like the injury bug is continuing to hit Winnipeg as Perreault appeared to sustain a lower body injury and headed to the locker room before the goal was even announced.

If the back of the net was the front of the net, this is great defense by the Jets

Flames 5, Jets 2

Sorry, I got distracted watching this replay of Brendan Smith’s hit against Svechnikov. Dear lord. BRENDAN! He had a similarly punishing neutral zone hit earlier in the series, but in the earlier instance he misjudged the back check, the forward recognized the impending contact in time to dish it to the wing, and he left his team on an odd man rush. This hit was a perfect read. First, he didn’t have a stick, so he wasn’t going to be of much use on the Hurricanes 4-2 rush. They would have moved it around toward his side, isolated, and set up a prime one timer. It’s effectively a 4 on 1.5, so it’s a good risk. Secondly, he has significant help on the back check, so he only needs to slow up the rush slightly for those forwards to get in reasonably good defensive position. And finally, Svech has his head down the entire way. He knows that he won’t be able to recognize the contact in time enough to feed the wing. Just a tremendous defensive play.

Flames 6, Jets 2

Johnny Hockey adds an empty netter to seal the puck line victory for The Pit. A stick tap goes to Lindholm who could have attempted a shot of his own, but drew in a defender to give Gaudreau the space he needed to make it a sure thing.

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