Canucks v. Wild Series Preview

Season series: The Wild won twice, once in a shootout. Sooo Wild 2-1-0, Canucks 1-1-1? Sure. #GetRidOfTheLoserPoint


Elias Pettersson is a stud and the highlight of a very strong Vancouver top 6. Minnesota skews a bit older but they seem to be deeper. I gave the roster a quick and it looks like the Wild have 9 American forwards. Don’t fact check me on that. In keeping with my tradition of relying on personal bias over well studied analysis, I’m giving the edge to Minnesota based on the stars and stripes connection. EDGE: Wild


Vancouver has a Calder Trophy candidate in American-born Quinn Hughes and I’m very interested to see how the youngster adapts to playoff hockey. He’s incredibly composed with the puck so I doubt he’ll have any trouble. Unfortunately for the Canucks, this is another matchup where I would take each of Minnesota’s pairings over Vancouver’s. EDGE: Wild


Jacob Markstrom > Alex Stalock. #Analysis EDGE: Canucks


Both teams have coaches with zero Stanley Cup Playoff experience as a head coach. I could do some research on their use of line combinations, locker room presence, and special teams styles, but I have a day job. EDGE: Tied


I have gone back and forth on this series. Part of me wants to see Hughes and Pettersson make their marks in the post season. Vancouver is probably the more entertaining team and they have the ‘tender to back them up. But this is 2020 and we can’t have nice things. I expect Minnesota’s team defense to prove to be the difference. Wild in 5.

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