Gambling Pit – July 30, 2020

Yesterday’s results: 0-2: I had the audio of the Avs/Wild game on at work (office Kenbo is very productive, don’t you worry) and it sounded like Colorado had a few shots at the empty net to seal the puck line, but couldn’t convert. Tough break, but such is life when you’re riding P.L.s. The New York Over, on the other hand, was completely ill advised. Has on over hit in any exhibition game yet? Is it smart to take the over in the third game of the day and the ice surface looks like a 7-Eleven Slurpee? Look, it’s not healthy to dwell in the past. On to today’s picks.

Yesterday’s results for Puck Buddy Plus Subscribers: 1-0. Winning picks could be yours for a low monthly fee.

Today’s picks: Preds/Stars O 5.5 (+120), Bruins -1.5 (+180)

The most important part of gambling is to never learn from your mistakes. Does the fact that every single game so far in the restart has gone under mean teams are out of sync and need this time to get into an offensive rhythm? Absolutely not, it simply means that we’re due for an over. Getting positive odds is just the cherry on top.

As for the Bruins play, David Pastrnak, tied for the league lead in goals, recently tweeted this:

No chance he wrote that.

The prevailing thinking is that Pasta’s line mate and presumed Covid super spreader Brad Marchand stole the phone to “praise” the Capitals forward and fellow instigator. If the Bruins lay an egg in the exhibition game, Boston media will throw a fit. The “they’re not focused” takes basically write themselves. Look for Boston’s top line to be clicking on all cylinders to silence any potential critics.

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